About Me


My name is Brittany, a 20-something lady from Bismarck, North Dakota. I am attending the University of Mary and majoring in Mass Communications with a minor in Political Science. I spend my free time reading any fiction I can get my hands on, binge watching TV and movies on Netflix, and hanging out with my dude, Andy. (Yes, I know that I am too young to be married.) My deepest desires are to spend a summer backpacking through Europe and to own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Now that I have shared a little about myself, I should explain what this blog is for. It is a requirement for a class I am taking this Spring. Although Art116, Intro to Film, is required for my major, it makes sense for me to enroll because I watch a lot of movies. Surprisingly though, I have watched very few movies on the course syllabus. Throughout the semester, I will be watching and reviewing films and connecting them to our required reading from The Art of Watching Films (8th ed.) by Joseph Boggs and Dennis Petrie. This should be an enjoyable journey.

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